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Wafer-thin Lumineers® can be an ideal option for patients who want to correct a variety of cosmetic issues, and unlike veneers, no tooth material needs to be removed. Dr. Michael Shakin is a top provider of Lumineers® in Staten Island, NY, using state-of-the-art techniques for optimal results.

Lumineers® Q & A

What are Lumineers®?

Lumineers® are very thin, tooth-colored covers placed on the front surfaces of teeth to correct an array of cosmetic issues, including teeth that appear too small, uneven, badly stained and crooked. Although they can be used to correct the same issues as “regular” veneers, Lumineers® are much thinner - about as thick as a contact lens.

How are Lumineers® applied?

Applying Lumineers® usually requires two office visits. At the first visit, an impression or mold is made of the tooth and then sent to an authorized laboratory where the Lumineer® will be fabricated and tinted to match the precise shade of the neighboring teeth, so it blends in perfectly. Photographs may also be taken and sent to the lab along with the impression. At the second visit, the restoration will be “tried on” first to make sure it fits properly before it’s adhered to the tooth surface. Then a special etching solution is applied to the tooth to “rough up” the surface so optimal adhesion can be achieved. Finally, Dr. Shakin will place the Lumineer® on the tooth and secure it with a strong dental adhesive. Dr. Shakin will check your bite to make sure the Lumineer® is properly placed, to avoid damage when biting or chewing.

How do Lumineers® compare to traditional porcelain veneers?

Because they’re so thin, Lumineers® look more like the translucent quality of natural teeth. Plus, the super-thin design eliminates the need to remove thicker layers of tooth enamel for comfortable placement. It also means patients can experience less discomfort during the placement process, and they won’t need to wear a temporary acrylic veneer while waiting for their restoration to be made.

How long do Lumineers® last?

Lumineers® can last a decade or more as long as they’re properly cared for, with regular brushing and flossing and regular dental cleanings. It’s also important to avoid chewing or biting on hard substances, like ice or hard candy, and to avoid using your teeth as tools to open or pry objects. (That’s good advice for your natural teeth too.)


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