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MBT 7.5 - CONTEST: You can't buy this, it has to be earned

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Hi All,

The best things in life aren’t free, they’re earned! 

Think back to a time when you worked tirelessly for something you wanted. 

....A time when you poured 100% of yourself into a challenge. 
....A time when all the hard work—the blood, sweat, and tears—paid off.

Do you have your image in mind? 

Maybe it was when you:

  • Walked across that stage for a handshake and a diploma,
  • Created a business from scratch with just vision and persistence, or 
  • Jogged across the finish line at your first 5K.

Now, remember how amazing you felt! 

That sense of accomplishment was worth every second. Wasn't it?

But here's the funny thing: it wasn’t easy and no one gave it to you. 

You had to earn it! And that's why it felt so great.

The feeling you had then, is THE exact same feeling you'll have when you hit your goal weight. 

There's one thing I can guarantee: when you do, you are going to feel amazing!
You'll look back and know:

  • You put the time in,
  • You accepted the discomfort of building new, healthy habits, and
  • You persisted through the setbacks and struggles.

And most important...

You earned it!

You joined MyBodyTutor because you have a goal. You want to feel and look great - and we want that for you as much as you want it.

That's why we're excited to introduce: 

The MyBodyTutor 90-day T-Shirt Challenge

We don't sell this shirt, and you can't buy it. It has to be earned. 

*I'm wearing one now, and the tri-blend material is light and super smooth. From comfort alone, it's my instant favorite. ;-)

And here's how to earn yours.

The Challenge

Here are the details:

The challenge runs from July 5th (today!) to October 3rd. That's 90 days.

The goal is to either:

1.) Hit your goal weight during that time, or
2.) Maintain 100% reporting consistency for those 90 days.

And there you have it!

Hit either of those goals and I will personally send you your much-deserved MBT T-shirt.

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Adam Gilbert MyBodyTutor

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