5 Reasons to Consider Lumineers®

Living with cosmetic dental issues like gapped, chipped or misshapen teeth can be embarrassing, but that’s not really the whole story. When you don’t feel good about yourself, it can take a toll on the quality of your life and affect everything from dating and socializing to your confidence level at work.

The good news is that imperfections with your teeth aren’t permanent. There are a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can tackle a vast array of issues. One such treatment is Lumineers®. Michael Shakin, DDS, of Eltingville, Staten Island, New York, shares his thoughts on this innovative cosmetic dentistry procedure and five reasons why you may want to consider it.

About now you are probably thinking, “So what are Lumineers anyway? I’ve heard of veneers, but I don’t know about Lumineers.” Think about all the pluses of veneers, and then some. Lumineers are like veneers on steroids.

Specifically, like veneers, Lumineers can treat a number of dental issues, including  

broken or chipped teeth, worn down teeth, or gapped, stained, misaligned, uneven or irregularly shaped teeth. And that’s where the similarities end.

Thin and natural-looking

Lumineers are super thin – about the thickness of a contact lens. This lighter characteristic makes the smile makeover process more seamless. The thinner material not only makes the entire process easier, but also lends itself to a more translucent appearance, mimicking the look and feel of your natural teeth. After a while, you may even forget what cosmetic issue you had, keeping you smiling for years to come.

Minimally invasive treatment

If shots and drills are a real turn-off, you’ll love getting Lumineers. Since your Lumineers are so thin, Dr. Shakin doesn’t need to alter the teeth under them by thinning or shaving the surface to make room for them. That means no shots and drilling and a much more comfortable treatment process. You can get the smile you’ve always wanted without the mess and fuss of needles and the annoying dental drill.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

I don’t know about you, but most people don’t want to wait once they’ve made the decision to make a major change like getting that perfect Hollywood smile. One of the major advantages of getting Lumineers is that it happens in two dental appointments.

During the first visit Dr. Shakin takes an impression of the tooth, which will be fixed. He may also take photographs so the Lumineer will perfectly match. This data is then sent to a special laboratory that custom crafts your Lumineer so it not only fits properly, but also matches your neighboring teeth.

The second and final appointment is for the installation of the Lumineer. Dr. Shakin double-checks the fit, etches your tooth a bit to create a good surface for adhering the Lumineer, and then he glues it to your tooth. After checking your bite, you are ready for your big reveal and facing the world with the smile of which you’ve always dreamed.

No temporaries needed

With the Lumineer treatment process, less is definitely more. Because the process is seamless and minimally invasive, you do not go through the hassle of getting a temporary veneer while waiting for a permanent one. Your teeth are not altered, so there’s no need.

More immediate smile makeover

If you are a fan of quick and easy, you may be a perfect candidate for Lumineers. This innovative option can get you from decision to treatment in no time, putting you on the road to miles of smiles. It’s a perfect immediate gratification, smile makeover solution.

If you have been searching for a way to fix your cosmetic dental issues, make an appointment with Michael Shakin, DDS, of Eltingville, Staten Island, New York. Dr. Shakin is specially trained in Lumineers and helps patients get and maintain healthy smiles. Book online or call today.

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